Getting Started

The Design / Build Process:

Building your dream home doesn’t need to be a daunting task. At Bowline we bring our expertise to the table, so all you have to do is bring your dream of building that home you’ve always wanted. And we’ll probably need some coffee!

Here’s How It Works:

1) We meet with clients that are considering building a new home. We can offer suggestions and advice in the plan drawing stage and help you put your thoughts to paper before our design team begins their work. (your ideas, budget, taste, style, wishes and dreams, etc.) The most cost effective way get your home to turn out the way you’ve dreamed – is to build it first on paper.

2) Next, we draw up the plans and put together a detailed estimate breaking down all the items of work into dollar amounts. At this stage you’ll be able to see how your money is spent throughout all stages of construction. You may even decide to re-allocate some funds to get better use of your money.This is the least expensive time to make changes. Our estimate will also include a detailed construction schedule so you can see how your house will develop over the course of the building timeline.Our goal is to ensure that what we present on the drawing board is what you had imagined when you first began dreaming about building a new home. Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, and you are comfortable that the project will be managed properly, we can move forward.


3) Once the estimate is accepted, we format a contract and the plans go through the engineering stage before they are sent to the city to secure building permits.

4) Construction begins. While we are busy onsite and can see exactly what progress is being made, we know that your peace of mind only comes by knowing things are staying on budget and on time. That’s why we provide bi-weekly updates which include financial statements as well as construction schedule reports.

5) Completion. Don’t pull the moving trucks up just yet. We still need to walk you through your new home (this won’t be the first time you’ve visited). In a careful and exhaustive tour of your home we will make a list of any deficiencies or warranty issues that need to be addressed before you take possession. We’ll even provide you with a cd of photos taken during construction.

Home Renovations, Additions And New Builds Done Right. Every Time.

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